For unity of the Baptist Churches and united ministry of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in and outside of Nagaland, the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council was organized in 1937. And for effective and proper running of the Council’s ministry, this Constitution has been adopted by the NBCC and is operative since then.

Article I – Name

This Organization shall be called the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (hereafter referred to as the NBCC) with its headquarters at Kohima.

Article II – Aims & Objectives

The general Aims & Objectives of the NBCC shall be to unite all Baptist Christians, Workers, Churches and Associations into a fellowship for their mutual and spiritual development all over Nagaland and to-

Uphold oneness in Jesus Christ and to defend the Baptist Faith and order in Nagaland,
2. Promote cooperation with other Christian groups and organizations having similar doctrinal statement.
3. Strengthen the Baptist Churches in Nagaland by conducting awakening programmes.
4. Promote missionary enterprise beyond Nagaland.
5. Give expression to the Christian view point in the moral and social life of the country, and
6. Make the love of God manifest through the humanitarian and social service.

Article III – Membership

The membership of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) shall consist of those Baptist Associations, and Organizations as listed in the bye-laws of this Constitution.

To have membership in the Council one must complete the formalities and fulfil the criteria of conditions and must subscribe to the doctrinal state ment of NBCC.

Article IV – Finance & Property

The NBCC shall have power –

To raise funds for its maintenance, property and projects;
To raise funds for mission and evangelism;
3. To administer funds placed at its disposal; and
4. To posses legal rights, to procure, to own, to protect and dispose property.

Council Article V – The General 

There shall be a General Council of the NBCC consisted of:

Five delegates from each member body which will include Administrative Officer, one from Women, one from Youth, one from Mission and Evangelism Department and one from at-large. A member body with baptized membership exceeding 10,000 shall send one additional delegate for every additional 3,000 or fraction thereof.
2. All members of the NBCC Executive Committee.
3. Chairman of the NBCC departments and other standing Committees, and
4. The Departmental Secretaries as Ex – Officio members without vote.
All members must be members in good standing of a member Baptist Church, and they shall present their credentials from the body they represent to the Recorder of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council before they are recognized.

Article VI – Office

The Registered Office of the NBCC shall be at Bayavu Hill Kohima 797001 Nagaland, and the man- agement of the Organization may change the location of the registered office as they shall think it necessary provided the Council agrees for such a change.

Article VII – Meeting of the General Council & Christian Fellowship

The General Council shall hold an annual meeting subject to the article VIII (10).
2. The NBCC shall endeavour every three year or on special occasions to hold a meeting called the Nagaland Baptist Convention for Christian Fellowship and inspiration to which all member bodies shall send their respresentatives on the basis of quota system to be arranged by the programme committee.
3. In the year of Nagaland Baptist Convention the General Council meeting will be with the Convention.
4. Simple majority of the voting members shall form the quorum.
5. The Office Bearers of the NBCC shall be the office bearers of the Convention.
6. All business shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure.

Article VIII – Duties & Functions of the General Council

The General Council shall be vested with power

To elect its office bearers and appoint members of the Executive Committee and approve various boards/committees.
2. To appoint ad-hoc committee as and when necessary.
3. To hear and approve reports of the Departmental Secretaries, member bodies and sponsored institutions and projects.
4. To approve annual budget and various plans of NBCC.
5. To elect and install new Secretaries of various NBCC departments for a term of five years as per the Service Rule.
6. To commission missionaries and evangelists for mission fields.
7. To amend the Constitution and its bye-laws.
8. To accept new member bodies and to determine affiliation to other Christian Organization.
9. To receive and approve the audited annual financial statement of the NBCC and directly sponsored institutions/ projects.
10. To decide Time and Place and Annual meeting.
11. To take upon itself any other power for promoting the Aims and Objectives of the NBCC.
12. To receive, discuss and decide the matters recomended by the Executive Committee.

Article IX – Office bearers of NBCC & election

There shall be the following elected office bearers: President, the Vice-President, Recorder and the Assistant Recorder.
2. A nominating Committee appointed by the President during the annual meeting shall present nominees to the office. Opportunity shall be given for nomination from the floor. A nominee getting a simple majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected.
3. A mid-term vacancy shall be filled in by the “ General Council or Executive Committee whichever is in session earlier.

Article X – Terms & Duties of Office Bearers

The term of Office for the office bearers shall be normally for two years and may be re-elected upto second term.
2. The President shall preside over the annual meetings and the meetings of the Executive Committee.
3. The President shall cast deciding vote in case of tie.
4. The Vice-President shall preside over the annual meetings when asked by the President or when the President is absent.
5. The Recorder shall record minutes of the annual meetings.
6. The Assistant Recorder shall assist the Recorder in his/her duties and shall act as the Recorder in his/her absence.

Article XI – Executive Committee

There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of
All the Association Executive Secretaries and the head of every member body;
The Secretary of each department without vote;
The President of the NBCC without vote;
The General Secretary and the Treasurer as Ex-officio members without vote; and
Two members-at-large
The executive Committee shall normally meet twice a year. The President of the NBCC shall be the Chairman of the Committee.
3. A simple majority of voting members shall form the quorum.
4. The duties and functions of the Executive Committee shall be:
To carry on business on behalf of the NBCC when the General Council is not in session;
To review the NBCC annual budget for recommendation to the General Council;
To make financial requests for NBCC to interested Organizations and devise ways and means to raise funds for the work of the NBCC;
To assign portfolios to the department Secretaries;
To review, evaluate and the work NBCC staff;
To appoint standing Committees ad-hoc committees;
To select delegates/Committee members to represent NBCC;
To advise the member bodies in matters referred to them and judicate in dispute when requested to do so by the parties concern;
To determine the time and place of General Council meeting in case of emergency;
To report actions and matters that are deemed necessary to the annual meeting.
To review any proposed amendment of the constitution and its bye-laws for approval of the General CounciI;
To recommend to the General Council for any acquirement or disposal of property;
To deal with legal matters concerning property held by the Nagland Baptist Church Council;
To discharge any other duties assigned to it by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council;
To appoint Chartered Auditors to audit the annual accounts of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council;
To nominate and recommend the candidates of the General Secretary, Finance and Property Secretary, and Secretaries of different departments for a term of five years; and
To appoint the Director, Associate Secretary and the Principal, Christian English School.

Article XII – Duties of Executive Officials

1 The General Secretary shall

(a) Be the ex-officio Secretary to the Executive Committee;

(b) Act for and represent the Executive Committee in all matters

Referred to him;

(c) Represent the interest of the NBCC in relationship to Government

and other authorities;

(d) Supervise the operation of NBCC Ministries;

(e) Communicate on behalf of the NBCC with all member bodies and

other Christian organizations;

(f) Visit the areas of member bodies to promote the work of NBCC

and study their needs and problems;

(g) Prepare agenda for the meetings of the General Council and

Executive Committee;

(h) Circulate actions of the General Council and Executive

Committee, and other information;

(i) Present to the General Council a report of his work.

Associate Secretary
To carry out the duties assigned to him by the General Secretary and the Executive Committee.

Finance/Property Secretary
(a) Promote raising of fund;

(b) Receive and bank all funds;

(c) Maintain separately the accounts of the NBCC and all

departments’ funds;

(d) Be the ex-officio Secretary to the Property Trust  Association;

(e) Prepare annual budget for approval of the General Council through the Executive Committee;

(f) Submit audited accounts;

(g) Maintain registers of stock liabilities and assets;

(h) Make payments as authorised by the Executive Committee and

Departmental Boards Committees;

(i) He/She shall further do such other duties that may be assigned

From time to time.

Secretaries of departments/boards
(a) Each department/board has its own simple working guidelines     describing the duties and responsibilities of its officers;

(b) Be ex-officio in committees and boards;

(c) Represent the interests of the department;.

(d) Coordinate and promote the activities of the department;

(e) He/She further shall do such other duties that may be assigned to him/her from time to time.

Article XIII – NBCC Sponsored Institutions/Projects

Patkai Christian College: Co-sponsor
1.The Council shall appoint two members to be on the Board of governors along with the General Secretary.

2. Clark Theological College;
The Council shall appoint two members to be on the Board of Governors along with the General Secretary.

3. Christian English School.

(a) The Executive Committee shall appoint the Managing Board members (at least seven) for a term of three years with at least 2/3 continuing members.

(b) The Board Chairman shall be appointed from among the Board members.

(c) The General Secretary and the Education Secretary shall be permanent ex-officio members without vote.

(d) The Principal shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and the service of the Principal shall be covered by the Service Rule of the School approved by the NBCC.

(e) The School Board shall appoint the administrator and school faculty and staff as per the Service Rule of the school.

(f) The school Managing Board shall appoint the Chartered Auditors to audit the school financial account and the accounts report shall be given to the NBCC General Council while the remarks and comments be given to the Managing Board.

ARTICLE XIV – DISSOLUTlON If upon dissolution of this body there shall remain, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property or assets whatever of the NBCC, the same shall not be distributed among its members, but shall be transferred to some other body having similar aims and purpose to be determined by the vote not less than three-fifths of the members represented by five from each affiliated member body plus from the Executive officials of the NBCC at the time of dissolution.


1. Any amendment to this constitution may be considered at an annual meeting of the General Council by two-thirds majority of the members present and voting provided that a member body proposing the amendment informs in written to the Executive Committee three months advance of its meeting, and provided that the Executive Committee recommends the proposal to the General Council.

2. Any amendment to the bye-laws of this constitution may be considered at an annual meeting of the General Council by two-thirds majority of the members present and voting provided that the amendment is recommended by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE – XVI – BYE-LAWS A. Membership

1. Each Baptist Organisation holding membership in the, NBCC shall have an identity of its own.

2. Every member body shall assume its fair share of the financial responsibilities for the work of the NBCC.

3. Every member body shall report to the NBCC its annual statistics of the number of churches and its membership based on careful reports or surveys.

4. The following Baptist Organizations are member bodies at the time of enacting this Constitution –

(a) Angami Baptist Churches Association (b) Ao Baptist Churches Association (ABAM) (c) Chakhesang Baptist Churches Association (d) Chang Baptist Churches Association (f) Khiamniungam Baptist Churches Association (g) Konyak Baptist Churches Associat\on (g) Lotha Baptist Churches Association (h) Nagaland Kuki Baptist Churches Association (i) Phom Baptist Churches Association (j) Pochury Baptist Churches Association (k) Rengma Baptist Churches Association (1) Sema Baptist Churches Association (m) United Sangtam Baptist Churches Association (n) Western Sema Baptist Churches Association (0) Yimchunger Baptist Churches Association (p) Zeliangrong Baptist Church Association B.

Temporary Committees during Annual Meeting The President shall appoint during the annual meeting of the General Council, the following committees:

1. Programme Committee

2. Resolution Committee

3. Necrologist Committee

4. Music Committee C. No agenda without recommendation of Ex-Council Committee shall be entertained by the Council.

D. Expenses for Delegates’

1. Expenses of delegates attending the annual meeting of the General Council shall be borne by the sending body.

2. Travel expenses of members attending the meetings of the Executive Committee and boards shall be borne by the member-body to which the member belongs. Food and lodging shall be provided by the NBCC and boards respectively. E. Working relationship among Baptist Associations in Nagaland, NBCC and CBCNEI and other bodies

1. Executive Secretaries of Baptist Associations in Nagaland shall be the coordinator between their respective Associations and NBCC in all matters of mutual interest.

2. The NBCC shall coordinate the Baptist Associations in Nagaland in all matters that involve financial question, Mission outreach, Christian education, Theological and Medical programmes etc.

3. The Association Executive Secretaries and the Secretaries of other affiliated bodies shall keep the NBCC informed of their decisions, actions and other activities of this field ministries for mutual cooperation.

4. The Association Executive Secretaries and the Secretaries of other affiliated bodies shall submit written reports on the statistics and activities of their respective Associations and organisations every year at the NBCC annual session out of which the NBCC General Secretary shall make a general report for the CBCNEI covering whole Baptist work in Nagaland. (This revised Constitution was approved by the Executive Committee on August 20, 1987 at CRDS Complex, Dimapur).