Oriental Theological Seminary

Oriental Theological Seminary (OTS) is a graduate institution of higher learning and is committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ, academic excellence, and ministry formation. The vision of OTS is to nurture Christian leaders for postmodern as well as developing contexts towards intellectual proficiency, theological coherence, spiritual maturity, and practical efficiency.

At OTS we recognize the various gifts of students for Christian ministry that await development and direction. We strive to fulfill the aspirations represented by the students even as we envisage their varied callings to be pastors, missional leaders, educators, counselors, community workers, and social activists. OTS is therefore committed to equip students with academic and professional skills while instilling in them a deep conviction of who they are as disciples of Jesus Christ as they prepare to minister in a complex world.

OTS since its establishment in 1991 by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), has conducted 20 commencements with close to 400 graduates in its list. OTS is located 18 km South-west of Dimapur town in a lush green space covering an area of 82.5 acres of land, generously donated by the inhabitants of Bade village,With the theme “Being Transformed to Transform,” OTS is en route towards contributing significantly to the ongoing ministry of Christ and His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

The NBCC had long felt the need of establishing a theological seminary in Nagaland. A milestone in the history of the NBCC was thus achieved with the founding of OTS in 1991. Under the ownership and sponsorship of the NBCC, OTS continues to aim for excellence as an institution and as a community of God.

The convictions behind OTS have been clear from its very birth.  On the practical side, OTS would fulfill the felt need of having a graduate level theological school in Nagaland. This would ease the growing demand of theological students seeking admissions for higher studies in other parts of India or abroad for lack of adequate institutions at home. OTS has the distinctions for being the first theological seminary to provide graduate studies in Nagaland.