Youth Department

A brief history of the Youth Department

The NBCC youth movement began as early as 1967. In the year 1972, the first Nagaland Christian Youth Rally was held at Kohima from 31st March – 2nd April, 1972 under the leadership of Neiliezhu and Kiremwati, the then honorary Director and Treasurer, in collaboration with the Association Youth Directors (Secretaries). This rally resulted in the formation of the Nagaland Baptist Youth Movement. The rally concluded successfully with many young people rededicating their lives to God.

However for want of sufficient funds and full time workers, the youth movement became paralyzed after few years of its inception. In 1981, Mr. J. Thunjamo Lotha was appointed as the first Youth Secretary and under his leadership, the youth movement was revitalized and recognized as one of the Departments under NBCC (hereafter, NBCC Youth Department officially recorded 1981 as the year of Establishment). In 1991 Chen Rengma was installed as the second full time Youth Secretary. During his study leave, Lima Sangtam was appointed as Acting Youth Secretary during 1994 to 1997. Chen Rengma retired from the office in early 2002 following which, the responsibility of Youth Secretary was taken up by Iringtie Kauring from 1st March 2002 till February 2012. Mr. Vikuo Rhi from Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) succeeded Rev. Iringtie Kauring on 1st March 2012 and later ordained on 23rd March 2017 at Chizami Baptist Church by CBCC. Rev. Vikuo Rhi was re-elected for the second term as Youth Secretary by the Council in its AGM at Peren during February 2-5, 2017 is shouldering the responsibility till date.

The Youth Department of the NBCC, earlier known as Nagaland Baptist Youth Front was renamed as Nagaland Baptist Church Council Youth Department (NBCCYD) during the 23rd annual youth session (Council) held at Pfütsero from 7th to 9th September, 2007.

 With more and younger people venturing into bigger towns and cities for further studies and in search of better opportunities, one of the biggest challenges faced by the Youth Department is in linking them up with the Christian community, Fellowship or tribal Churches of those particular towns and cities.  The challenge is in nurturing this group of young people who are away from their mother Churches and hence the need to structure the Ministry by providing full-time students Ministers. The NBCC Youth Department feels that young people need to learn from one another beyond their tribal set-up. There is a need to establish the Baptist Youth Fellowship in every District Headquarter in order to bring the youth together for the greater Ministry of the Lord and to reach out to those who do not belong to any particular Church. The needs and challenges of these different groups of young people are diverse and complex, and have to be addressed accordingly.

Music is an integral part of Christian life and an integral part of worship. Young people today, prefer bright, happy, cheerful music with a strong beat. Therefore, for a Church to be relevant to the younger generation, it must adapt its musical style of worship and seek to do things with greater excellence and quality.

Each generation has different preferences when it comes to Ministry approach. Young people are more visual when it comes to learning. To them, learning is easier through visual aids and interactions rather than sitting and listening to lectures. The Youth Department continues to address these challenges and needs to ensure that more and more young people can understand the Biblical principles and perspective and lead a victorious life in Christ.


We envision Youth as a true disciple of Christ Jesus, transformed and to live out good Christian life.


The NBCC Youth Ministry exists to equip young people to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. To equip youth leaders for holistic ministry through various forms of trainings and programs. To uphold the Christian principle and to address the social issues related to youth. To love and care for God’s creations.


The Youth Secretary acts as the administrative Head of the Department and supervises and coordinates the youth activities along with all the Associations Youth Secretaries of the member-bodies under the NBCC. The NBCCYD is accountable to the NBCC through the Youth Board. Youth Secretaries of the member Associations and five members at large were selected to be members of the Board who acted as a decision making body. Different Youth activities and programmes are being carried out as per the decision taken by the Board with the approval of the NBCC Executive. The Youth Department endeavors to nurture young people as members of the family of Christ and to encourage them to adopt a Christ-like lifestyle. The Department also seeks to provide a platform for young people to share experiences, to participate in the NBCC Ministry, to provide leadership training and to enable young people to live and contribute responsibly to society. NBCCYD has a working relationship with the following Youth Organizations in addressing the issues and challenges of the young people:

  1. Baptist Youth Fellowship North East India (BYFNEI) under Council of Baptist Churches in North East India.
  2. North East India Christian Council Youth Assembly (NEICCYA).
  3. Baptist Youth Fellowship India (BYFI)
  4. Asia Pacific Baptist Youth (APBY)
  5. Baptist World Alliance Youth Department (BWA, Youth).
  6. Partnership with Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT): The Youth Department, NBCC is having a close relationship with the CCT as a partnership in ministry for the glory of God since 2012.

Partnership in Focus:

  1. Youth Exchange program through Music, Culture, and Sports.
  2. Life Skill Development Training
  3. Leadership Training
  4. Ministry and Missions
  5. Others

Besides the affiliation with Youth Departments of the member Churches, the NBCC Youth Department also has a close relationship with the Kohima Baptist Youth Fellowship (KBYF) and the Baptist Youth Fellowship, Dimapur (BYFD). These Fellowships play a vital role in facilitating the young people to fellowship beyond the four walls of their tribal Churches. These Fellowships also involve themselves in almost all the major programmes of the NBCC especially when the events take place in Kohima and Dimapur. It is encouraging to see similar Baptist Youth Fellowships coming up in all other District headquarters and Townships across Nagaland.

Association Youth Secretaries

ABAM (Ao) – Mr. Toshi Sanglir
ABCC (Angami) – Miss Kevilhouleü Suohu
CBCC (Chakhesang) – Mr. Mülüvoyi Nienu
CBLT (Chang) – Mr. M. Anamong Chang
CRBC (Rengma) – Mr. Jonathan Mesen
KBA (Kuki) – Rev. David Vaiphei
KBBB (Konyak) – Mr. Wangcha Wangsa
KBCA (Khiamniungan) – Mr. Sanghom
LBA (Liangmai) – Mr. Wichampau Nchang
LBCA (Lotha) – Mr. Jenibemo Kithan

NPBCA (Police) – Mr. Tsenbemo Ngullie
PBCA (Phom) – Mr. Phakmei Phom
PBCC (Pochury) – Mr. Mazhu Pfithu
SABAK (Pughoboto) – Mr. Hokato Futhena
SBAK (Nito Mount) – Miss Kasheli Rotokha
USBLA (Sangtam) – Mr. Tsilise Sangtam
WSBAK (Akuvuto)    – Mr. Suhuto Chishi
YBBA (Yimchunger) – Mr. Lakiumong Yimchunger
ZBA (Nsong) – Mrs. Josila (i/c)
ZBCC (Peren) – Mr. Rampaukoping Michui

Associate Members

AGBCN (Gorkha) – Mr. Sishir Lama
City Church, Kohima – Zajamo Odyuo
NBCA (Nagamese) – Mr. Akum
NCF, Delhi – Visieno Kiso (Youth Coordinator)

Ministry Programs and Activities

Leadership Trainings and seminars are conducted almost every year at the State level to equip youth leaders and to sensitize young people about the challenges while working with the youth.

Need Based Trainings have been first introduced in the year 2014 under NBCC Youth Ministry. This has been conducted at the Association levels according to their needs also to reach out to more young people at the grass root level. Associations under NBCC varies from big and small, strong and weak, thick and thin membership, trained and lay leadership, etc. The needs are not all the same, therefore, we identify two to three Associations every year and impart this Need-Based Trainings.

With the increasing number of youth and students migrating to Towns and cities for higher studies, in search of jobs, and businesses; and realizing the need to minister to young students in towns and cities, especially in Kohima and Dimapur, the NBCCYD has ventured out to reach students in hostels, colleges, and rented homes. The Students’ Ministry was initiated in the year 2008 by appointing one Youth Coordinator who takes care of the ministry. To make this Ministry more accessible and also with a view to cater to more students, four Students Christian Fellowship have been set up in different localities in Kohima. These Fellowships assist young people in having meaningful fellowship while encouraging them to learn together from one another. The main focus of the Ministry is developing discipleship besides linking them to the local Churches. Mr. Sentiyabang Lemtur was appointed as the first Youth Coordinator from 1st March 2008 to 30th March 2012. Miss Khrievino Sahu from Phesama Baptist Church was then appointed to the same post on 15th October 2012 and serves till date.

True Love Waits (TLW) is a project under the NBCCYD which aims to combat the challenges of pre-marital sex, unplanned pregnancies, abortions and the threat of HIV and AIDS in our homes and society. In its 68th annual session at Meluri village from 28-30 January 2005, the NBCC approved of this Movement and the responsibility was handed over to the NBCC Youth Department. The movement of TLW was officially launched on 26th February, 2005 at NBCC Conference Hall, Kohima, dedicated by Rev. Keviyiekielie Linyu, the then Pastor of Khedi Baptist Church and the Executive Director of the Angami Baptist Church Council. This movement is aimed at leading young people towards a reformed life-style and developing healthy relationships. It also aims to establish wholesome and permanent families, to reduce HIV and AIDS, and to raise good leadership. The TLW Movement challenges young people to remain sexually pure until they enter into biblical marital relationship. Through this movement, there are now more than 6000 young people who have taken a pledge to keep themselves pure despite all odds that confront them.

A booklet called “True Love Waits Manual” was printed out in order to help Youth leaders to use as a guidebook while ministering to young people. Another Book called “Thinking Right; Living Smart” A Guide to correct sexual Self-understanding and healthy behavior for teens was also published in order to guide young readership with positive and Biblical principles.  Few thousands of Pledge Cards for TLW has been printed out and signed by young people at Associations as well as local Church level.

Realizing that Sports and Games can be used as tools to reach out to young people who are not familiar with the Church set-up, the NBCCYD has branched out to ‘Ministry through Sports’ in collaboration with International Sports Coalition since 2007. This Ministry has proven to be a very effective tool, and is rapidly expanding to the local Churches. The Sports Ministry focuses on Evangelism, Discipleship and Fellowship.

An annual session is held where official business transaction of the Department relating to its plans and activities are taken up for approval. A Triennial Conference is also held on a larger scale than the usual annual session. This Conference provides platform to young people to celebrate and exhibit their God-given talents.

Youth Day of Prayer is observed every first Sunday of July every year in all the Churches under NBCC. This has been a regular feature of the Youth Department. It is an important event of the Baptist Churches when, all the congregation of the NBCC constituent members, pray for the needs and challenges of the young people.

Youth Exchange Ministry is organized from time to time within and outside the State to learn and encourage one another, to exchange views and ideas in order to address the issues confronting the youth more effectively. At the same time, Mission exposure trips are organized beyond Nagaland to broaden the horizons of the Youth leaders in their Ministry.

The NBCCYD also represents the Naga Baptist youth in different Youth Conferences at the regional of the CBCNEI. The NBCCYD also takes a leading role in hosting youth conferences both at the North East and National levels. ‘Celebrate Christ’ in 1999 and ‘Youth Gospel Olympics’ in 2010, ‘CBCNEI Youth Fest’ in 2015 are some of the youth conferences hosted by NBCCYD. The NBCCYD has also hosted the National Baptist Youth Carnival under the Baptist Youth Fellowship of India in 2007. It also participates in Asia Baptist Youth and World Baptist Youth conferences.

Following the NBCC Calendar of events, the month of August 2014 was earmark to organize ‘Catch Them Young Crusade’ by all Associations and Local Churches. The same was organised in Kohima from 8th – 10th August 2014 at Kohima Local Ground by ABCCYD & KBYF. About 7000 young people turn up. Rev. Samuel Koshy, Dean of Students from SABC, Bangalore was the main speaker. Follow-up program was also organised on the 5th Sept. 2014 at State Academy Hall, Kohima where about 500 young people attended.

In Dimapur, the Crusade was conducted at Thilixhu Baptist Church during 15th – 17th August 2014 organised by BYFD, WSBAK, and NPBCA. About 3000 attended the Crusade. Rev. Dr. Hevukhu Zhimomi and Rev. Kilang Jamir was the main Speaker.

The Catch Them Young Crusades were being organized in many other Associations and local churches under NBCC as a follow-up program.

Live Worship with Hillsong London was convened at the Kohima Local ground from March 27-29, 2015 with “The Sound of the New Generation” as its theme. A reporter of a daily newspaper in Nagaland stated, “It was one of the biggest gathering ever”, as about 30,000 people gathered for live worship making it a historical event. Many young people were touched and blessed by the word of God and through music. Eight persons from Hillsong London came and led the worship concert with Pastor Gary Clarke as main speaker. The live worship was organized by the Youth Department, NBCC and initiated by the New India Church of God, Kolkatta. I thank all the believers in Kohima particularly to KBYF, KBPF, and Schools and Colleges in and around Kohima city for their strong supports through prayers as well as financial contributions. May Jihovah Jireh bless them in return.

Seeing the need of building youth leadership in Nagaland, the P4 Training was first introduced and conducted in the year 2013 from April 16 – 18 at NBCC Kenneth Complex, Kohima. Eighteen Youth Secretaries out of twenty attended the training. Dr. Coppe Mero, Dr. Moa Imsong, Rev. Iringtie Kauring, Mrs. Imtijungla, and Dr. Kethoser Niu Kevichüsa were the resource persons. The second training was conducted during May 12 – 14, 2014 at JMC, Lerie, Kohima. 60 Youth Leaders attended the training having Mr. Pfhelie Kesiezie, Mr. Denny John, Mr. David Walling, Mrs. Talichila, Mr. Vikuo Rhi and Mr. Gugs Chishi as Resource persons.

  1. What is D1:2? The concept is borrowed from Mark 1:16-20 where Jesus called his first two disciples, Simon and Andrew who were brothers and went on to called James and John (Jesus=Simon and Andrew; 1:2 and James and John, 1:2)
  2. How will it work? One person will disciple two persons. The two who are discipled will go out to disciple two (1:2). In this manner the multiplication will continue the work of discipleship will continue till the target group(s) are reached out!
  3. Vision: To make disciples of young people in Nagaland.
  4. Target Group: The youth group 15-25 (Senior High School to University Students).
  5. Age division: 15 – 19, and 20 – 25.

How to go about:

  1. TOT: Training of Trainers in State level.
  2. TOT: Training of Trainers in Association level.
  3. D1:2 Training at College & University level.
  4. D1:2 Training at Local Church level.

Resource Person:

The Youth Department will invite expertise in the field of discipleship making at the state level training.

Duration of D1:2 Training:

The D1:2 will be launch in 2016 and the full concept of D1:2 will become operative in 3 years.


  • Convention/Association may take care of the training at state as well as Association level.
  • Respective Local Church may support this ministry.
  • Individuals & Families may come forward to support.
  • Well wishers and donors.
  • Mission Agencies or likeminded organization may be approached.
  • Any other ways and means.

* Youth Discipleship Training which is known for “D 1:2 training” was imparted to youth leaders for the first time under NBCC during May 17 – 21, 2016 in NBCC Platinum Hall, Kohima. 32 Youth Leaders along with 7 Resource persons attended the training. The training was organized in partnership with the Youth with a Mission (YWAM), Nagaland. Associations are conducting in their own jurisdiction as follow-up programs in 2017 and after.

The Youth Department focuses not only on the spiritual welfare but on holistic ministry. The department emphasizes on dignity of labor and work culture, also to give opportunity on life skill developmental trainings in order to live a self dependable life. The department shall impart trainings to young people in various fields in the near future. In partnership with the Church of Christ in Thailand, we have sent four persons from SBAK (Miss Rebecca & Vetoni), ABAM (Mr. Arenlong), and CBCC (Miss Khrüsatolü Chüzho) for the life skill development training at Chiangmai, Thailand from 15th January to 14th February 2018. They were being trained for Umbrella making, Soap/detergent making, Cooking, Baking, Woodcrafts, and Sa Paper crafts; also visiting Mission fields and Churches.

This is a long felt need of NBCC and is very much a part of our holistic ministry. When a self professed Christian society like Nagaland is living in an unchristian way, we the Church need to raise prophetic voice. The Youth Department, NBCC had officially launched a Clean Election Campaign during its youth annual held at Akuvuto, Dimapur hosted by WSBAK in Sept. 2011. A Seminar on Clean Election in association with Administrative Training Institute was conducted on July 5, 2012 at ATI Complex, Kohima. 80 youth leaders including ATI Staff and NBCC Staff attended the seminar. After much deliberation, an Action Plan was brought out for further follow up. The core Committee on Clean Election had a meeting with the NSF, ANCSU, and ENSF on 20th August 2012 at NBCC Conference hall.

Association Level: Association Youth Secretaries are taking full initiative by conducting Seminars, Trainings, organize Rally, and many others on Clean Election. This will impact our Christian youth as well as for the upcoming generations. Let us ‘Think positively and Act positively’.

(i) State-wide Youth Rally on Clean Election: State-wide Youth Rally on Clean Election was organised on the 3rd November 2012. Following district headquarters had conducted on the 3rd November namely – (1) Mon (2) Tuensang (3) Kiphire (4) Mokokchung (5) Wokha (6) Zunheboto (7) Kohima (8) Dimapur (9) Peren; and (10) Phek on 20th October (11) Longleng on 9th November respectively. Apart from district headquarters other Associations conducted in almost all the towns in Nagaland state.

(ii) Since 2011 October, the NBCC Youth Department took up the Clean Election Campaign to educate our youth with Christian values and principles. I along with other NBCC staff visited some Associations for campaign before state general election held on February 23, 2013. Putting up of Billboards, SMS campaign, press conference, talks on Clean Election at AIR and Doordarshan Kendra, Kohima etc. were some activities involved.

(iii) Study Team for Clean Election to Mizoram: A Study Team for Clean Election comprised of 9 members went to Aizwal during 21st to 26th November 2013 to Observe Mizoram Sate General Election. The members were indeed impressed with the peaceful environment of the conduct of election. The Mizoram People Forum (MPF) headed by the Moderator, Presbyterian Synod as President along with the Young Mizo Association (YMA) monitors everything.

(iv) The Clean Election Campaign focusing to visit Colleges and University campuses in Nagaland was kicked off at the Science College Kohima on the 22nd July 2016 attended by about 600 students with Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, Gen. Secretary, NBCC as Speaker; The NBCC Team comprised of 15 members visited Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung on 4th August with Mr. Nuklu Phom, Executive Secretary, PBCA as a speaker; The People’s College with Law College and Jubilee College, Mokokchung combined on the 5th August with Mr. Nuklu Phom, Executive Secretary, PBCA as a speaker; Nagaland University, Lumami on 5th August 2016 with Rev. Dr. Mechiehol Savi as a speaker. In the third phase, the team comprised of 12 persons visited Phek Government College on 10th August with Dr. Botoholi as a speaker; Pfutsero College and Baptist Theological College, Pfutsero on 11th August 2016 with Dr. Hovithal Sothu as a speaker. Both in Phek and Pfutsero Town, a separate meeting and interaction was conducted with Church leaders from various denominations. The department shall continue to reach out to remaining institutions and district headquarters.

(v) Recently we have met Naga National Political groups (7 diff. groups), Nagaland Political parties, different denominations, ACAUT etc. Clean Election Campaign is not only for during state general election but for all elections.