NBCC Resolution 2019

1. The NBCC family resolve to reinforce the Great
Commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) and enlarge the mission of the church. Along with reaching out to the unreached, we will continue to disseminate and plant the seed of the gospel within our neighborhood and town.

2. We resolve to intensify the ministry of care and
support. Within the NBCC family, there are Churches and Associations that are in need of financial support and human resources. We resolve to encourage the stronger and the more privileged Associations and Churches to provide and shoulder the responsibility for the one in need, living up to our theme ‘Knitted together in Christ.’ 

3. The NBCC family also resolve to cooperate with the government of Nagaland in all their policies for the welfare of the people. However, any programs or plans that are implemented at the cost of compromising Christian faith and biblical values will not be entertained by the member of the church. While acknowledging the importance of providing opportunities to recognize our Naga culture to others, the church takes its responsibility to edify the members to embrace the teaching of Jesus and live out biblical culture.

4. The NBCC Family resolve to continually recognize and accept the remarkable and distinctive role of women in the church and the society and to give due credit and privileges. Further, the age-old culture and tradition of patriarchal practices needed to do away with but rather encourage and create an opportunity for women to represent and take part in the policy making, even in the government.

5. Taking a serious note of how our children andyouths are becoming more and moredesensitized to biblical principles and Christian living, the churches resolve to implement intentional Children and Youth ministry. Righteous living is being challenged because of so many evils that is against the biblical teaching. In order to lead our children towards righteous living, teaching them biblical values, purity of life and sex education should be instilled in their minds when they are still young (Proverbs 22:6).

6. As Nagaland along with the rest of the country
prepare for the Lok Sabha election, the NBCC churches stand firm in propagating clean election. The NBCC churches will once again commit to support and intensify Clean Election Campaign so as to fight against any form of corruption to fearfully avoid the wrath of God in our land.